ŻEROMSKI THEATER: Internet platform

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The Żeromski Theater in Kielce is a modern cultural institution that creates a rich repertoire of events. These are not only theatrical performances but also concerts, exhibitions and vernissages. The team wanted to create a modern and functional internet platform for the promotion of events, but also a reliable tool for selling tickets and servicing viewers.

task sharing


Panowie Pro were responsible for:

- Project management
- Development
- QA
- Implementation

The creation and UI were made by TWIN .digital collective studio with whom we have been cooperating for years. Sparing Digital was responsible for business analysis and creating UX mockups.

tailored CMS


To build the website, we used our proprietary CMS, dedicated to cultural institutions. In addition to standard functionalities, it provides administrators with many profiled possibilities:

- creating shows and managing their dates,
- archiving performances,
- creating one-off events, e.g. concerts,
- tagging online and offline events,
- marking prime ministers,
- setting the venues of the event (e.g. individual scenes of the theater).

The tool is very intuitive to use and simplifies work as much as possible. For example, when a pre-scheduled event changes its date and time, all the administrator needs to do is make a correction in one place - the system automatically updates the information in all publications on the subject.

Our CMS has been tested by producers of music festivals. It allows you to manage a large database of various types of events, quickly provide guests with the necessary organizational information and connect the website with the ticket sales system.

website construction


The platform is made up of widgets – these are a kind of blocks from which the administrator can independently construct subpages. Widgets can be added, removed, and arranged in their order. It is very useful for a modern cultural institution that does not limit its creativity and creates many different events. So the administrator does not have to ask the developers to create a new page template every time. He creates it himself, selecting the necessary elements.

And he has a lot of choice. For the Żeromski Theater, we have prepared among the widgets:
- photo gallery,
- slider,
- list of events - in the form of tiles or a list,
- calendar of events,
- video,
- bookmarks,
- lists of people,
- highlighted photo with text column,
- full-width highlighted photo,
- announcements.

The website is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities in terms of WCAG 2.0.



We limited the main menu on the website to ... two items! There is only a calendar and a link to on-line tickets sale. Functional minimalism won.

The user will find more options in the drop-down side menu. From here, he will go on to discuss performances, a description of the project being implemented, the characteristics of the theater or a subpage with contact details.



We have built a very functional website that can change its appearance every season without the need to involve developers. It is a living structure that meets the needs of a modern cultural institution that has the ambition to cross the boundaries of forms and styles. The cooperation with the TWIN. Digital collective allowed to combine functionalism with remarkable aesthetics.