Web AR - Campaign for Leżajsk

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The website of the Leżajsk campaign is one of the first implementations of Web AR - augmented reality in web browsers. The campaign was nominated in the Mixx Awards 2018.



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Web AR



Our task was to create a website for the Leżajsk campaign, which will present 4 labels referring to the historical packaging of Leżajsk Pełny from the 70s, 80s and 90s of the last century.



For the purposes of the campaign prepared by TWIN .digital collective for the Leżajsk brand, we have created the Web AR implementation - one of the first sites in the world using augmented reality in web browsers.


After hovering over the beer label with smartphone or scanning it directly from the campaign landing page, the website generates a spatial model presenting a curiosity from the times when each of the historical labels was created. Detecting the labels by the smartphone was a huge challenge in this implementation. Unfortunately, we could not print special markers on labels, so instead of them we defined several characteristic points for each of the labels so the smartphone phone "knew" which 3D model to display.

Wirtualne Media about the activation [text in PL]: