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VOGUE is the fashion bible, a cult magazine with 120 years of history. The brand is recognized by both fashion lovers and people not interested in this topic. It’s an icon. In 2018 there was a very first polish edition of the magazine. One year later we had a pleasure to create a Vogue Poland mobile app.

After less than 3 months of presence in the App Store & Google Play, the application was nominated and then won in the "Free Time" category in the Mobile Trends 2019 competition.



The main purpose was to improve the online experience, create and share new, unique content and adapt to the fast pace of life of the readers.


The purpose of the application is to invite people to the world of Vogue, engage and maintain the relationship with users, including personalization of content, possibility of collecting favorite photos and articles, and convenient access to lookbooks, subscriptions and podcasts.

design sprint


The UX of each functionality took the first place. We organized workshops with Sparing Digital and the client we designed the key functionalities of the application. During workshop, we used selected Design Sprint methods, e.g. crazy eights, rapid prototyping or storyboarding.

Some solutions developed during the workshop:


  • shake to discover - a list of personalized content after shaking the phone,


  • swipe to save - adding articles to the Favorites tab,


  • dark & ​​light mode - changing the layout of the application as an element of personalizing the application and ensuring comfort while reading in low light,


  • navigation composition - quick access to subscription, lookbook and favorite articles and photos,


  • podcast player - with convenient navigation and scrolling between recordings.

UI - graphic design


In addition to UX solutions, the UI played a key role, which is consistent with the minimalist style of vogue.co.uk and the print edition. The layout does not compete with the content for attention - the image and texts are the main protagonists. Readability and usability reign in the app without losing its stylish character.



Our development team was fully responsible for creating the frontend of the application with animations and then connecting it to the backend.

The application was implemented in React Native technology with a two-stage testing process.

Agile approach


We worked in an Agile approach, in weekly sprints, which were ended with a status meeting with all participants of this project: client, backend, UX & UI teams. Project Manager in our team coordinated the work of UX, UI, testing and development teams.

On the first day after its publication in the App Store and Google Play, Vogue Polska took second place among news applications, and after less than 3 months it remains in the top ten, behind such applications as Twitter and TVN24. We are currently working on further development of this application.

The UX, UI and strategy were developed in cooperation with the Sparing Digital Consulting team.