Technological revolution in marketing? We know what will surprise us!

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Deep fake, voice recognition, AI and webAR – these technologies will dominate marketing in 2023. Using them, new services and even better entertainment will be created. The metaverse was considered by experts to be the biggest disappointment of last year. The Martech Trendbook 2023 report has just appeared online.

In its simplest terms, deep fake is the replacement of a filmed face of an actor with the face of someone completely different. – We used the technology in an advertising campaign for one of the juice producers. An internet user took a selfie and a few moments later was able to enjoy a music video of himself performing on the same stage with popular singers. As many as 22,000 people created their videos in this way,' says Adrian Holota, creator of Gentlemen Programmers, a development studio that assists major advertising agencies from all over Europe in the implementation of the most innovative marketing campaigns. He also points out that deep fake technology in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. – It is possible to imagine a video appearing online featuring a politician who never appeared in it. In the world of disinformation, this is a powerful tool for influencing public opinion,' notes Adrian Holota and adds: – 'The sooner we familiarise the public with deep fake, the sooner they will become immune to such manipulation. 


Deep fake is one of ten technologies that will be widely used by ad creators in 2023. In the Martech Trendbook 2023 report, experts also point out, among other things, voice recognition, which allows humans to talk to machines, and webAR, which allows the widest variety of digital effects to be added to the world observed through a smartphone camera. The document includes more than 50 videos case studies how the technologies are used in practice.

What may come as a surprise, however, is that the list of trends for 2023 includes... computer games. „It's a story as old as Atari cassettes. But marketers have only now discovered that gamers are not just teenagers, not just shooter fans, and not even just men!” – experts explain in the report. The ad makers have recognised that as many as half of gamers worldwide are ladies. - This will be the year of greater inclusivity in gaming, announces Karolina Bakowska, strategy manager at Gameset agency. – There will be even more advertisements for female products in computer games. The role of ladies in e-sports will also increase, she adds. 


Mateusz Felsmann, managing director of TWIN .digital collectiva agency, predicts, on the other hand, that marketers will also reach for hacking more often. - The intensification of this phenomenon is due, on the one hand, to the availability of more and more new tools and, on the other, to the ever stronger fight for the consumer's attention, he explains. Samsung has already taken advantage of hacking by creating an iPhone application, which allowed iOS users to see that using Android is not as difficult as they thought. 


The creators of the Trendbook Martech 2023 report identified Twitter by Elon Musk as the biggest unknown, the elimination of cookies as the biggest change and the metaverse as the biggest disappointment. 

Although admiration for the unreal world created by Mark Zuckenberg has waned somewhat, experts say it is only a temporary overshadowing. They also suggest a change in approach to the meta. – When working on innovation in the metaverse, you have to think in terms of creating new value, notes Krystyna Jarek, chief innovation officer at Deloitte Central Europe. – Why duplicate reality? It is better to focus on creating new potential that is not available in the real world, she adds. 


Interestingly, an... artificial intelligence was involved in the creation of Martech Trendbook 2023. "In each case, all we had to do was give it a few keywords. The quality of the texts really surprised us. They are so factually correct that we decided to include them in the trend book," explain the authors of the report. 


More than a dozen experts from major advertising agencies and consulting firms such as 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT, Publicis, BBDO and Deloitte worked on the publication. The analysis of discussions on LinkedIn also helped to select trends. The report is available in English at