Studio Biznes: As country, as AI

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When it comes to the development of artificial intelligence, Poland is only just entering the treadmill, while other countries are already two laps ahead, Adrian Holota, CEO of Panowie Programiści, told

"We have superpowers in the field of artificial intelligence in Poland, but now we need to harness the whole staff to start acting coherently. Develop a strategy that will actually allow us to join the top countries running for medals in a smart way," Adrian Holota said in the programme 'Studio Biznes', prepared by the editorial team of the "We can use AI in health and education. We will be healthier, more educated and richer because we will be more efficient, but on the other hand, we must be aware of the potential risks that come with the development of artificial intelligence. One of them is potential social stratification. If we do not equalise digital competences, only a certain part of the population will benefit from AI and its capabilities, he added.