New Web AR campaign of the Specjal brand

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The new Specjal beer campaign required a unique setting, which is the reason why we have prepared a landing page using web AR and geolocation. When visiting the website you can scan a label and view the appropriate spot for a given region and take part in the competition.



For the needs of the latest campaign "The True Taste of the North", in cooperation with Just and TWIN .digital collective, we have created a dedicated landing page using geolocation and augmented reality.



After entering the campaign website and hovering over the Specjal beer label with your phone, the augmented reality effect is activated - a video showing the spirit and values ​​of the local brand appears above the label.


Importantly, the content varies depending on the place in the north of Poland where the user is located — we used the geolocation mechanism for this purpose. A separate video has been prepared for people who do not agree to geolocation or are located in other regions of Poland.


In the project, we used the proprietary AR engine, which made it possible to trigger the effects of augmented reality from the website, and extend the campaign with a competition and lowered the threshold of recipients' entry. The user does not need to download additional applications to experience AR effects.

Each spot is a unique story tailored to a given region, which users can see through the use of web AR and geolocation.