NaviParking: Web development

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Together with the client's backend team, we built a web portal for booking parking spaces, integrated with a mobile application. The portal was developed in Polish and for the Middle Eastern markets.



01 – client

NaviParking is a company that digitalises existing car parks. Its market advantage is an advanced IT system that optimises the use of parking spaces. It gives apartment building administrations the ability to rent out vacant parking spaces to external guests, office building managers allow parking spaces to be shared between employees and hotels offer fast service to motorised guests. For drivers, NaviParking provides them with the NaviPay app, which stores their parking access rights.

02 - new service

As part of the development of its activities, NaviParking has created the website Through this site, drivers can find free spaces in closed car parks, including hotels and office buildings. The system gives them the option to purchase a parking space of a few hours or a long-term rental as part of a subscription.

03 - challenge

We were responsible for developing the frontend of the website for the Polish and UAE markets. Our experience, developed competences and ability to manage complex projects were the deciding factors. The backend was developed by programmers inside NaviParking. We therefore had to build an efficient team from independent groups. Planning of the work took place in regular meetings, which were held daily during the busiest times. Our programmers were integrated into the client's communication and project management system.

04 – result

We ensured high quality replication of the designs, created by the UX and graphic design teams. Together with the client's backend team, we built the website and integrated it with the NaviPay application. The website offers the booking of parking spaces in the largest cities in Poland and the United Arab Emirates; it was also prepared in a version for the Middle East markets. The portal was made using React.js technology. We are currently still responsible for the frontend as part of maintenance and development work.