Martech Trendbook 2024

case studies


This is the second edition of the Martech Trendbook. A year ago, together with experts, we described the ten technologies that would rule marketing. We showed how to creatively use deep fakes, web AR, and blockchain. We predicted the rise of artificial intelligence and the crisis of the metaverse. Our collective predictions proved to be accurate, and they remain relevant.

That is why we have taken a slightly different approach this year. This time, we are identifying seven marketing megatrends that stem from the social, economic, and political changes taking place in the world. We show what values are becoming increasingly important to consumers and how to creatively address them in digital communication. This year's raport can therefore be seen as complementary to the Martech Trendbook 2023 and they both should be read together.


The strength of our trendbook lies in the case studies. In dozens of short videos, we show how brands from all over the world have used new technologies to creatively follow the discussed trends. We present the most innovative marketing projects. Please note that many of them go beyond a single trend, so we encourage you to follow them all.

Discover seven megatrends and how they are changing digital marketing:

  • Useful AI

  • Immersive entertainment

  • Authenticity of the power of Z

  • Eco in crisis

  • Subscribing to everyday life

  • Devoted to the DEI

  • Made by humans