Martech Trendbook 2023

case studies


We looked at hundreds of campaigns implemented over the last two years. They included projects from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Oceania. Award-winning and those that few marketers had heard of. What interested us about them? The technologies used! This is how Martech Trendbook 2023 was created.

Pomysł i realizacja

Panowie Programiści

We decided to look at how marketers and advertising agencies use new technologies. How they serve marketing purposes and how they are changing the advertising market.


We also analysed the hottest discussions on LinkedIn to find out which technologies marketing leaders talk about most often. We examined the context of these exchanges to see which technologies they rate as useful and which ones they don't see a great future in.

The result of our research is 10 trends that will technologically dominate marketing in 2023. We have named some of them after technologies, while others combine converging marketing phenomena with the essence of new technology capabilities into one group.


  • Deepfake
  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • web AR (augmented reality)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Gaming
  • Hacking
  • Social Media
  • Big Data
  • Metaverse & NFT
  • Social Martech 


 Ready? Then let the new technologies take you on a journey to the future!

We would like to thank all the Experts for their help in preparing the trendbook!

  • Karolina Bąkowska, Strategy Manager, Gameset
  • Agnieszka Dębicka, Innovations & Business Solutions Director, Publicis
  • Krystyna Jarek, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Central Europe
  • Dorota Pindel, Research & Development Director, WebTalk
  • Mateusz Felsmann, CEO, TWIN .collective
  • Łukasz Gumowski, Creative Partner, Vice-President, Plej
  • Adrian Hołota, CEO & Digital Consultant, Panowie Programiści
  • Przemysław Puchalski, Creative Director, WebTalk
  • Krzysztof Rajda, Head of AI, Brand24
  • Michał Sęk, Executive Creative Director & Partner, 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT
  • Tadeusz Żórawski, Global Ecommerce Strategy Director, Molecular BBDO


  • 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT
  • Brand24
  • Deilotte
  • Gameset
  • MolecularBBDO
  • Plej
  • Publicis Worldwide Poland
  • TeenCrunch
  • TWIN .collective digital
  • Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR
  • WebTalk

Media Partners

  • Sprawny Marketing
  • Porozmawiajmy o IT
  • Wyższy Poziom Marketingu