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Thanks to webAR, augmented reality (AR) can be used by every smartphone user. No need to install the app! See inspirations, case studies and figures. Everything you need to create a concept and presentation for the client on one page.

Advantages of webAR

webAR popularized access to augmented reality. To use augmented reality, all you need to do is:

The user no longer needs to install the application. What benefits does it give you?

  • You don't limit the reach of your campaign.
  • You're not wasting your budget on app install promotion.
  • You don't need to build separate apps for Android and iOS.
  • You increase the conversion because you direct the user to the campaign right away.
  • You can redirect the user to your website and launch an AR campaign from it, e.g. a contest or a game.


Efficient operation of AR requires real-time processing of huge amounts of data. For this purpose, we have created one of the world's first webAR engines. We have a stable environment, reliable servers and fast data transfer.

Possibilities of WebAR

The webAR engine is based on artificial intelligence that learns to search for markers in the image. When they are detected, the system recreates a predetermined effect and adds it to the view from the smartphone camera in real time.


The marker can be graphics, text or color. Each of them can be replaced by the webAR engine - freely, as you choose - with an animation, 3D object, simple graphics, film or animation.

Image  Web AR

Image Web AR is about bringing everything flat to life:

  • ( 1 )

    posters, books

  • ( 2 )

    bottle labels

  • ( 3 )


  • ( 4 )

    works of art

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It's still not everything!

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