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As part of cooperation with the KUKBUK, cultural and culinary magazine, we have built an innovative lifestyle portal, which, among others "learns" the tastes of readers and serves them articles tailored to their preferences. Behind the visual concept of the portal there is the idea of seasonality - both the content and the appearance of the portal are changing with the seasons.

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As part of cooperation with the KUKBUK magazine, we were asked to create a new lifestyle portal tailored to the user's preferences and the idea of seasonality.



Our tasks included the UX analysis. During the works on the portal project, we conducted workshops, a full user needs analysis and prepared lo-fi mockups.


The platform was created primarily with the user in mind, hence a lot of emphasis was placed on its functionality.


We have created, among others, a proprietary content personalization mechanism based on a neural network. The portal "learns" the tastes of readers and serves them articles tailored to their preferences. Just like Netflix with movies or Spotify with music.


Moreover, the portal highlights recipes based on seasonal ingredients and the main categories of recipes are based on the frequently searched phrases.


An integral part of the portal is an online store - sales channel for subscriptions to the paper version of magazine, e-editions and special products. KUKBUK has a friendly character so there are no intrusive advertising forms in favor of native and natural formats.


Additionally, we have created a tailored, intuitive content management panel on the website.


The graphic design was created by Alina Rybacka-Gruszczyńska.

Kukbuk.pl is an intuitive lifestyle portal full of quality content, based on the understanding of the user and with maximum adaptation to their needs. The portal has a content personalization system, PWA and the function of flexible adaptation of the layout to the colors of an actual season.