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Warsaw has its unique character thanks to its inhabitants. Those who have always lived here and those who have just moved here. Who create something or inspire to create something. Who take action themselves and who prefer to work in a group. The Royal has decided to recognise the everyday heroes of the capital!

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Zygmunt III Waza looks out from the label of the Królewskie beer. The one who keeps an eye on Warsaw from the height of a column erected centuries ago in the city centre. He gave birth to Warsaw's capital, lending the city royal, and in time, presidential and governmental splendour. Krolewskie, as the most Warsaw-like of beers, while drawing on the capital's history, also seeks links with its modern identity. It wants to become part of a lively and colourful city, full of new cultural and social contexts. 



Krolewskie decided to find and show the everyday heroes of Warsaw. People who, living in the capital, create the city here and now. "Step by step, you make something important come into being - for you and for others. That's where all the power lies. It is thanks to you that Warsaw has its unique character. (...) You co-create this city and can proudly say: I am known for Warsaw," the brand announced in a special manifesto and invited residents to a unique action....

a great mural


Every Varsovian could come across a large mural created by artists in the centre of Warsaw. Over an area of 240 square metres, 150 faces were painted, all arranged in the geographical shape of the city. Each portrait was the size of a 42-inch TV set, so the characters could easily recognise each other in the graphic.

dedicated web


For the campaign created by collective, we built a dedicated website. It was through this that Varsovians were able to add photos. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm converted them into comic book style. The illustrations prepared in this way were used by artists to create the portraits on the ad. 

We also provided a photograph of the finished mural on the website so that it could easily be featured and shared on social media. We also included eighteen personal stories of people who actively create the identity of contemporary Warsaw. Among them were craftsmen, artists and activists. Such as Marian Cegielski, who has been running an engraving workshop in Ochota for more than forty years, or Agnieszka Bykowska-Giler, the 'Lady with the Drill' known from Żoliborz, who turned her law office into a toolbox and organises DIY workshops.