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Four designers and four card designs. Thousands of users and thousands of original wishes. This is how, together with TWIN .digital collective, we helped Heineken celebrate Christmas.

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TWIN .digital collective

Web development

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Christmas card designers

Beata Śliwińska, Magdalena Koźlicka, Michał Loba, kaisu_tv


Grupa Żywiec

01 - challenge

The Christmas marketing frenzy starts in Poland just after All Souls' Day. However, marketers start their preparations a few months earlier. It is worth it, because the stakes are enormous. In 2021, the statistical Pole will spend more than PLN 1,100 on Christmas. The largest share of the basket was made up of presents and food (about 40 per cent each). The latter category also includes alcoholic beverages. And their sales in December are almost 30 per cent higher than in other months of the year. Although vodka and wine reign supreme on Polish tables at Christmas, beer also has an increasing share in the December shopping frenzy.

02 – concept

Heineken offered fans a simple Christmas game. No receipts, draws or codes. All you had to do was go to the website, choose a virtual postcard, address it to a friend and write your original wishes. A light pen, creativity and good humour were required. The best dedications were rewarded with Heineken Christmas boxes containing 15 bottles of Dutch beer. The prize was given to the author of the wish and the addressee. The set was accompanied by a printed greetings card, selected at the time of application from designs created for the campaign by Polish artists Beata Śliwińska BARRAKUZ, kaisu_tv, Magdalena Koźlicka and Michał Lob.

03 – solution

We built a website for Heineken's Christmas campaign. Its design was provided by TWIN .digital collective studio. We worked very closely together to determine the technical possibilities, choose animation elements or help select the right IT solutions. We are pixel perfect, so when mapping out the design, we took care of the smallest graphic detail.


We were also responsible for the proper operation of analytical systems, providing the client and media houses with reliable data on the results of the campaign. More than 150,000 unique users took part in the campaign.