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Male depression thrives because of stereotypes that a man has to cope on his own - at work, in relationships, always and everywhere. To raise awareness of the scale of the problem and teach Polish men to talk about emotions, created an online game called Risky Men

TV presenter Zygmunt Chajzer encouraged men to take part in the game in a radio campaign. He was the host of an online competition, held in the convention of a TV quiz show. The user was asked, among other things, whether he was in a relationship, how he unwinds from stressful situations and whether he talks to others about his emotions. After answering, it informed the participant of his level of risk for depression and then invited him to explore educational materials. These included candid interviews with athletes, actors and journalists who had gone through depression. The interviews focused on the symptoms of the illness, its course and how to recover from it. Among those involved in the project were Olympic ski jumping champion Adam Małysz, footballer Łukasz Piszczek, singer Michał Szpak, actor Piotr Zelt and fashion designer Robert Kupisz.

The campaign was launched on World Day against Depression. - Guys cry, get depressed, burn out and often don't know how to cope in a society that doesn't want to hear about their, our, weaknesses. There is never enough opportunity to talk about it. We have the ambition that our campaign will be an important chapter in this super-important conversation," explains Rafał Madajczak, editor-in-chief of, about the reasons for creating the website.


For the campaign, we created a website that contained, among other things:

  • a video quiz with questions asked by the host, as in a quiz show,
  • a question-drawing module,
  • answer analysis module,
  • a dynamic content adjustment module,
  • CMS for editing and adding content.