about us

We are here to ensure that technology does not limit your creativity.

As technology partners, we can inspire you, show you the possibilities, and support you in your collaboration with the client. We like brave people, who like us are not afraid to be pioneers and just like us, value quality, timeliness and a good working atmosphere. We are sure to find a common language. All the more so because we talk about technologies in a simple and understandable way.

about us

our team

Gentlemen are Ladies and Gentlemen

When someone says that something is impossible, we always answer: impossible! We are here for technology not to limit creation. We do crazy things, because we have perversity in our genes. And in the name. Today Panowie Programiści are equally ladies and gentlemen. Half of our team are women. They even make up the majority of the board of directors. And - to be honest - not only Programmers. Also female Straticians, Consultants, Product Managers, UX Specialists, Testers... Unity in Diversity!

Together we realize the craziest creative ideas. We set standards that others have to measure up to. We work with the best and for the best. And we feel proud of what we achieve together!

our approach

Your reputation is our reputation

We know that reliable programmers are hard to find on the market, which is why many agencies are afraid of working with external partners, fearing for their brand reputation in front of the client. By cooperating with us you can be sure that we will deliver! Our clients keep coming back because we not only know how to use the most advanced technologies, but also because we do it with attention to deadlines, details and work atmosphere. We have developed very effective project management models that give you a guarantee of success and... peace of mind.

about us

At each stage of the project we provide you with a guardian. First, it will be a Consultant who can support you with knowledge and experience during meetings with the client, and at the implementation stage - the Product Manager. Together we set the schedule and the communication system adjusted to the culture of your organization.

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